Website Design

We believe that your website has to have a curb appeal to attract the audience you want and the functionality to deliver the experience. Therefore we specialize in designing custom websites tailored to fit your business model and target goals. Your dream and business are unique to you. So your site should reflect your individuality.

Website Redesign

It is important to be relevant. Often businesses have older websites that look outdated or don’t function the way you need for your business today. We can fix and rebuild your old vision in a fresh way to keep your business relevant. If you don’t take your site serious then why do you expect customers to take you serious.

Responsive Web Design

One of the most important factors to a web sites effectiveness is the responsiveness. Responsiveness refers to how your website is displayed on tablets and phones. Google says about 57% of internet users are using a tablet or phone. So It’s very important to have your site built in a way that caters to this audience. All of our websites are built with this in mind.

Logo Design and Branding Identity

You only get one first impression with each customer. You might as well make it count.

Developing a company logo is an essential part of establishing yourself as a strong trustworthy business option. Your logo helps people recognize you from other companies and brings consistent identity to your customers. People don’t always like change and a strong name can make all the difference.

Graphic Design

As well as designing spectacular websites we also specialize in top of the line graphic design for digital and print. We spend much of our time building publications like the progressive rancher magazine, ads for other publications. We also take care of the traditional media strategies like business cards, flyers, brochures, and special occasion invitations. Tangible advertisement is important along side your internet strategy.

Marketing and Search Engine Optimization

Your website is only good if people can find it. Search Engine Optimization (also known as SEO) is why and how people find your website on the internet. Optimizing your website allows search engines to properly find and display it. Basic SEO is included in all LifeSpring websites.

Social Media Development

Along side SEO, we can help you with Social Media development. Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+ are huge avenues for advertising and engaging in your followers. People do business with people they know. Social media helps you to reach a hand out farther then you can in person.

Website Hosting and Maintenance

All websites need a home base to live called hosting. We offer hosting for all of our websites. With the hosting you have features available to better serve you. One great feature is Website statistics. Statistics allow you to see what pages your viewers are visiting, what time of day, how long they are viewing pages and even what country they are in. These in house tools will help you get the most out of your website.

We not only maintain our websites but we maintain our relationships. We are here to help carry the responsibility of your online web and graphic design needs.

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